Our Story & Credentials

A Lifetime dedicated to Gemology and Fine Jewelry Manufacture and Sales

Jewelry is very personal, and a hands on approach is necessary so an individual receives a beautiful, well crafted piece that reflects their personality and preferences. Also, when purchasing jewelry, a customer needs to have a sense of confidence in the knowledge and expertise of their jeweler, as well as in the quality of stones and manufacture of the item that they are purchasing. Jeff is a GIA trained gemologist, with several decades experience in the New York area jewelry business, with New York City being the largest jewelry center in the country. As a young man, he pursued another career in the two way communications business, but he always had a love of and interest in the jewelry business, having grown up in New York City, and having family members in the business who further sparked his interest. He started to train to do jewelry work while in his other profession, and started a small jewelry venture as a side line. Eventually, he knew this was where his true passion was, and he made the move and the break, training with the Gemological Institute of America, and making the move away from New York to New Jersey, and away from his secure and successful life. The risk paid off and he has never regretted it for a minute.

In 1989 Jeff established Jeffrey Scott Fine Jewelry in Franklin Park, NJ, with his goal being to be neighborhood jewelry store offering a wide selection of high quality items of jewelry at affordable prices, as well as offering quality service and care to his customers. And for the next 22 years, he did exactly just that. In late 1996 he met Irene, who was then practicing as an attorney. They became engaged, and eventually Irene retired from the practice of law to assist Jeff in the jewelry business full time which she came to know and love just as much over the next 15 years. In July 2011, Jeff and Irene decided moved to NH for a better quality of life for their family, and opened their jewelry business in the town of Amherst, intending to conduct their business there just as they always had in NJ - a high quality neighborhood family jewelry store offering fine jewelry and personalized service at affordable prices. And ever since their move, the store has blossomed and thrived here in NH, with people appreciating the old fashioned family service and attention to detail and quality merchandise at affordable prices.  In fact for eight consecutive years, Jeffrey Scott Fine Jewelry was voted Best Jewelry Store in the Souhegan Region. It is just Jeff, Irene and now their son Ian, who has joined the business and is studying to be a certified gemologist, you deal with at all time, not multiple layers of employees. This insures your satisfaction and by keeping overhead costs low, this savings can be passed on to you in the form of lower prices.